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The Book Grocer

Fresh this Week: Catch the end of the Split Lit Festival

(Celebrating Women's Writing) on Saturday with Movies and Money which asks the question "What does a movie producer actually do for a living?". Producer Alison Owen talks to Helen de Winter, author of What I really want to do is produce who seems qualified enough to tell us. 4pm, £6/£4, Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, Information and bookings 020 7247 2584.

Givin’ ‘em away: Tonight is the launch party for Jim Crace's new novel, The Pesthouse which envisions a dystopic ending for America (what other sort is there?). The Guardian: "He constructs a toxic fenland in which everything smells of old rope or 'rotting, clamped potatoes'; adjectives are almost uniformly mulchy; his sentences seem composted in some way." Mushy! 6.30pm, at the Gallery, Foyles Bookshop. Email to reserve places.

Try a Bit of This: “I am recalling now that last summer before I was sent away. It was 1979, and the sun was everywhere. Tripoli lay brilliant and still beneath it. Every person, animal and ant went in desperate search for shade, those occasional grey patches of mercy carved into the white of everything. But true mercy only arrived at night, a breeze chilled by the vacant desert, moistened by the humming sea, a reluctant guest silently passing through the empty streets, vague about how far it was allowed to roam in this realm of the absolute star.” The Commonwealth first book award was won yesterday by Hisham Matar with In the Country of Men.

Two for a Pound:

1. Check out Poetry Unplugged at the Poetry Cafe.

2. In keeping with the American Dysytopian theme, Captain America is killed...

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