Pimp A Plant Pot

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Pimp A Plant Pot

Just when we thought MySpace was good for nothing.

As part of comedian Mark Watson's 'Mark Watson is Crap at the Environment' project, comes Pimp My Plant Pot.

The Crap At The Environment project is,

an attempt to start a movement of people who are concerned about climate change and environmental damage, yet, until now, have been completely or fairly shit at doing anything about it. This shitness may have been caused by uncertainty about the issues, apathy, confusion, boredom, or just inclination to focus on more manageable things like the F.A. Cup. Its aim in the meantime is, through blogs, events, stunts, personal experiments and so forth, to remove the tedium from 'green' issues, replacing it with Fun. Resulting in lots of people who were Crap At The Environment becoming Good at it. And ultimately making a tiny, but noble, difference to things.

Very noble! Aside from plant pots, other events so far organized include Green Feet, an environmentally friendly disco that will take place in North London on June 1st where everybody will be wearing a recycled outfit.

So, pimping plant pots.

Unless we have the wrong end of the stick and the idea is you are to find and manages clients for your plant so it can engage in prostitution with other lonely, seedy (no pun intended) plants, the basic idea is that you are given a plant and a pot, you bed the plant into the pot then decorate the pot and name the plant.

Over the next few months, you send in pictures, video diaries etc. about your plant and track its progress. If you have outdoor space, the aim is to grow potatoes which will be ready to eat in time for Mark Watson's long show at the Edinburgh festival in August (by long show, he means long show, last year he did a 36 hour show). For those without an outdoor space, apparently peppers and chillis can be easily grown indoors.

We're not really sure how growing a potato is particularly good for the environment per se (well, it's not bad for the environment) but it looks like a lot of good clean fun. The official londonist plant pot is on its way - we'll keep you posted on its development, suggestions for methods of decoration and names are welcome!

Last Updated 05 March 2007