London Parcours

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London Parcours

Last time we put up a video showing people twatting about on the streets of London, we called it genius. And you lambasted us for it in the comments section.

genius! are you serious? please stop.

Said Sid. So we decided not to.

Backflips off of tall buildings and a transcendental sound track. This one must be genius. No?

Last Updated 07 March 2007


look it's a bunch of foreigners running and jumping.


Don't stop! Don't stop!

The bus will explode if you go beneath 50 mph.

Kilgore Trout

"look it's a bunch of foreigners running and jumping."

So sayeth someone who no doubt gets winded walking from the computer desk to the fridge in mum's basement.


The funniest part of the whole thing is the use of the word "twatting". In some parts of the world (ahem-US-ahem) "twat" is slang for female genitalia!!


Good to see some readers still get amused by naughty words.


Like what skateboarders do.
Only slower. Across smaller gaps.
And without maintaining a spinning piece of wood
underneath them the entire time.
In other words... Meh.


Hate to say it but the start of this video isn't London but Basingstoke :-S