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Lots of stuff to get through today, but we're starting small (sort of) with the immortalisation (sort of) of old favourite Tox as pictured above.

Cheers to dr seagate for the link and photo. It's not quite the Tate Modern, but it's a (small) step in the right direction. More small wonders here and the press page features our favourite headline; Canaray Dwarf.

Onto bigger things. Sherlock Holmes is making yet another comeback according to Solace in Cinema:

when Neil Marshall is finished up on ‘Doomsday’ he’s going to be working on ‘Sherlock Holmes’ an adaptation of a new comic book from producer Lionel Wigram. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s hero has made frequent trips to the big screen before but it’s been a good while since we had anything of note. Supposedly Wigram’s book has altered the Holmes personality slightly to be less crime-solving drug addict, and more crime-solving face-puncher which sounds pretty cool to me… Wigram’s vision has Holmes losing some of his Victorian stuffiness and being more adventuresome, including playing up his skills as a bare-knuckle boxer and expert swordsman as he goes about solving crimes.

Some would argue as to just how cool that sounds, but we love Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers is a national treasure) so we'll hope for the best. Extra point to Tom for including a pic of Lenoard Nimoy in a deerstalker.


From film to TV and the news that Chris Morris is making a film about terrorism:

Chris Morris is planning a film that he has reportedly described as 'a comedy version of United 93'. He's also got a second series of Nathan Barley on the cards, this time with a different line-up of supporting characters. Hopefully it won't be as narrowband and dull as the first series... But we'll never forget Brass Eye. Nothing can take the shine off of that one. The casting sheet for 'the terrorism project' has been doing the rounds, and today popped up in my e-mail. Here's what they're looking for - maybe you fit the part and would like to challenge the accepted wisdom on all things nine-eleven and seven-seven.

We can hear the Daily Mail neck veins bulging from here.

Not blog related really, but Robert Brook Twittered the following quote to us:

"It cost us loads of money, there was a pile up on the escalators and there's no vegetarian food,"

It's about the Wembley opening day of course - something we'll undoubtedly have more on tomorrow:

Speaking of sport, Onionbagblog waxed lyrical about cycling - not just the morning commute though, this a velodrome outing:

Track cycling is all about hunting in packs. I picked up the pace and for forty five minutes in an obscure corner of suburban South London, I was transported to cycling heaven (nope, I didn't cop it.) I kept pace with the fifty or so other riders on the pelaton, and then my team of four fellow cyclists attacked the front, hit the banks, and let another group lead the way. Yes, it was all staged to pace your stamina, but with 49 or so other cyclists powering through only a matter of inches away from your back wheel, this is one way to get enough adrenalin to last you through the working week.

With five laps to go, it became a free for all with individual riders attacking at all angles. I was lost. I slipped out of the pelaton and trailed home half a lap behind the winner. But I had lasted the race, and even managed to stage a few decent assaults.

More blog posts like that one and we may change our mind about the Olympics...

But our favorite blog quote of the week was this:

Me (shouts): “Ere’, boys! Nige, Ralph - wonder if you can help me out? Any idea where your cock is? Can’t seem to find mine anywhere.”

It's difficult being a pigeon.

Moving swiftly on, design junkies will be keen to try out a new slightly beefy typeface called Soho. This is the kind of thing that gets our Editor at Large hyperventilating so we felt we had to include it.

Speaking of design, has anyone picked up a copy of So London yet?

Edited by former Associated Newspapers senior editor Christena Appleyard, the title will focus on property, arts, culture and what it describes as ‘shameless luxury’. The title is pitched as ‘a truly metropolitan-based weekly newsstand magazine that covers the issues and interests that the discerning brand conscious Londoner needed and wanted’.

Something to keep an eye out for.

And finally we were happy to see one of our own posts make it into the latest Carnival Against Sexual Violence. Marcella will be coordinating a Blog Agasints Sexual Violence Day on April 5 if you want to get involved. You can read more about the Carnival here.

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