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With this column, we try to bring you a new blog every week. We scour the cybervestry for new species of weblog, like a Victorian naturalist in the forests of Borneo. This week, we've stumbled upon a cracking little site hiding in the undergrowth. London Skyline eschews any nod towards a clever name in favour of doing what it says on the tin - writing about the London skyline. And the author asks a good question: why hasn't the (under-construction) Broadgate Tower been give a silly nickname yet, like every other tall building in this city?

It's only fair it should have one. Even the London Stock Exchange is jocularly referred to as 'The Coffin' by those in the know. My suggestion for Broadgate is: The 'one of those things you got in the eighties, y'know, that you could bend diagonally a lot. I think you had to order them from a Frosties packet.'

Good call. Any other suggestions for nicknames can be left here.

Diamond Geezer also visited the Broadgate Tower, as part of a daytrip along the 42 bus route (we London nerds lead exciting lives). He also found time to explore the Prescott Channel. This little-known area on the edge of the Olympic Park will soon be converted into a lock complex to assist construction.

Elsewhere, Annie Mole presents a special 'bag jewellery' edition of Tube Fashion Victims, and London Daily Photo reaches number 14 in its catalogue of London elephants.

On the sexing of phantoms. Finally, an apology. Last week, we inexcusably referred to the Greenwich Phantom as a 'he'. We were led astray by the preponderance of male phantoms in popular culture - from he who frequented the Opera, to Christopher Plummer's character in the Return of the Pink Panther. We are now informed that the Greenwich Phantom is female, although she would like to remain as anonymous as possible, presumably so they will still serve her in the local co-op.

Last Updated 11 March 2007