24 Hour Party Police

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24 Hour Party Police

The BBC informs us that police will now be available round the clock in west London.

To tell you the truth, we had assumed they already were available round the clock. But apparently not. That explains why there's that answering machine message we keep getting whenever we call for help:

"Hello, you stupid bastards. You've reached the Metropolitan police department. Our offices are currently closed. Please call back during normal business hours." … BEEEEP.

The recent stabbing murder of 16 year old Kodjo Yenga on March 14 in Hammersmith has been cited as proof that a greater police presence is necessary to protect the public.

Hammersmith & Fulham councillor Greg Smith boasts: "We are the first council in the UK to provide police with funding to put local patrols on the streets, day and night, every day of the year."

It's hard not to be a little unnerved by Greg's statement. It sounds a little too like: "We are the first airport to encourage our pilots to do safety checks before every single flight."

Greg went on to say "Residents want protection and they want it round the clock."

And we do. Still, Kodjo Yenga was killed in the evening, exactly when you expect most violent crime to happen. A 3AM patrol car probably would have done him little good. But don't look a gift cop in the mouth, we always say - when you're being murdered.

Kodjo Yenga appeared in an MTV interview not long before his death. Ironic, yes? He said: "I think stabbing has got worse but the media also make it bigger than what it is."

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ok,it's not a well written BBC news report, but londonist shouldn't make bad, disinformative "jokes" like this. The BBC news story is clearly about street patrols. London and the UK in general obviously has 24 hour available police (and other emergency) response units, not answering machines for emergency calls.

Neal R.

I am well rebuked. Thanks, orangepeel!

anthony wong

i think u have made an important observation. the murder ws in the evening, where police are about and it still did not stop his murder. so it is not logical to conclude that more patrols round the clock is necessary. i think the residents have been conned into paying for this extra patrols. when the money could be spent on other things, or if i were a hammersmith council tax payer, to reduce the tax. but who is going to say it outloud. no one, even when u tried to imply it u were shot down by a commentator, and u backed down. ur point is still v valid.

Neal R.

Thank you, A. Wong, for your comment.

That does tend to be my take personal take on it as well (though not necessarily the official stance of Londonist.com or its affiliates).

Over and over and over again, we see "more police, more money" as the solution to the crime problem. If such a policy was effective, it should have borne fruit by now.