Your week in 2012

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Your week in 2012

At the beginning of the week Seb Coe admitted that he had no idea how much the Olympics were going to cost:

I'm not going to get into figures, be it £5m, £6m, £10m and before we know it it's £20bn

We didn't mind that because he's not an accountant. What with running fast, Lording it up and being a Tory he has enough on his plate without worrying about silly numbers.

Luckily help was at hand in the form of the FTSE 100 companies who do indeed know a thing or two about numbers. Especially if they have pound signs in front of them.

It's not about money, the money is a totally separate deal.

Ah. Ok. Good job then that we know where some of the money will be coming from: charity. Not charity as in, 'Let's set up a charity for this mess of an Olympics we're stuck with', but rather 'Hey, let's have some of that charity money from over there. It's only the Welsh'.

We had a look at the official 2012 website to see what the score was, but all we found was the great news that the Olympic Delivery Authority today opened the competition to design an innovative VeloPark for London 2012 Cycling events. Fantastic. And if we take all the money away from Newport's velodrome they can always cycle over here and use ours. Then we clicked the link and got an error message.

But forget all that. We are going to be so awesome at table tennis by 2012 that the extra £5m, £6m, £10m or £20bn will be completely forgotten about.

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