Thin Cities by Platform for Art

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Thin Cities by Platform for Art

When Freud divvied up the psyche and revealed the ego, superego and id, he left out one important element. The nerd.

The nerd is perhaps the strongest component of Londonist's psychological makeup. We're therefore drawn to anything that involves an interactive, reworked Tube map and tales about the underground's history. So thanks to Platform for Art for nourishing our nerd with Thin Cities -

The project responds to the theme of past, present and future and is inspired by the travels of the 14th Century explorer Marco Polo, as retold in the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Each artist has engaged with a different aspect of the Piccadilly line and its history, resulting in a site specific group exhibition on a grand scale. As explorers and storytellers themselves, the artists reveal new perspectives on London through their artworks.

The exibitions have been running for a few months now, but still to come is Guy Bar Amotz' New Transport Band, which uses weird speakers to 'project the idea of the "spirit"' of dead musicians, such as Thelonious Monk, into other musicians. Creepy. Dates have yet to be announced.

And here's the best bit. Tell Platform for Art an anecdote about one of the stations, and you'll receive a special Oyster Card wallet featuring one of the art works.

Last Updated 09 February 2007