Retro Bollywood Night At V & A

By Hazel Last edited 145 months ago
Retro Bollywood Night At V & A

It's the last Friday of the month which means the monthly Late at V & A is here. February is almost over and we are creeping ever closer to spring and clocks going forward, longer days and maybe even a little bit of sunshine. Colour has promised to return to us but while the skies remain stubbornly grey and the lawns are still smeared brown and without blooms, we can escape to the V & A for what sounds like a complete riot of everything we've been missing in the drab winter months.

It's Retro Bollywood night at the V & A this evening. Oh, the glamour, the glitter, the melodrama and inexplicable dancing and singing that interrupts every highly charged scene! The moustaches and beards! The over-saturated colour of pre-digital quality film and TV!

As well as a bar and the chance to hang around the exhibitions, there will be music from DJs Ritu and San-j Sanj and Retro Bollywood dance classes run by Honey Kalaria. If you're dressed Retro Bollywood-style, you can be photographed and entered into the very cool Day of Record series - and you can sit in your super-sequinned sari while watching the classic Bollywood film Bobby. We want pictures of that and video clips of any particularly striking Retro Bollywood ensemble dance pieces that involve men and women weaving coyly around the Kylie exhibition.

Friday Late Retro Bollywood night at the V & A, tonight from 6.30pm, free. For more information, go to the website here.

Last Updated 23 February 2007