Restaurant Rescues Size Zero Models

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Restaurant Rescues Size Zero Models


Trendy Notting Hill restaurant Bumpkin has solved the problem of dangerously thin supermodels. Apparently, the reason some fashion models are so catastrophically thin is: They can't afford food.

Who knew?

So, during the current London Fashion Week, Bumpkin will be offering them FREE FOOD.

Models with a Body Mass Index of less than 18 will be allowed to stuff their faces free of charge (unclear if they have to pay for booze or not). All models need do is present their modeling card at the door, indicating their size zero status - and also say to the hostess the secret code phrase: "Please. Oh, please. I am so very hungry."

Though bulemia and anorexia continue to plague the fashion industry, ravaging the bodies and lives of models and those who love them, Bumpkin's fine charity work may finally solve the problem of starvation due to lack of trendy restaurant access. The battle against fashion model underweightiness is practically won!

Londonist has also learned that Crusty Samsa's Eel-a-rama, just across from Bumpkin, will be offering a free vomitorium service to size zero models who can provide a Bumpkin matchbox or drinks coaster.

Last Updated 13 February 2007