Mr Sole Abode At Lyric Hammersmith

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Mr Sole Abode At Lyric Hammersmith

We've all considered it at some point in our lives: we are tired of being ruled by our possessions... we wish we could live less material lives... wouldn't it be great to just chuck it all in and live in a fridge with nothing but our wits and wiles. The "self-proclaimed architect" Mr Sole Abode does it exactly that. This odd character decides he has had enough of life ruled by material possesions so he starts to live in a fridge. Not that much more cramped than a little pied-a-terre in Kingston but probably better insulated. This is the premise - and, we dare say, premises - of Mr Sole Abode

, a new play that opens tonight at the and runs until 17 March.

The performer Leo Kay will be presenting his first outing with his new physical theatre company Madrugada. B-Boy hip hop theatre pioneer Benji Reid is the director and will bring rhythm and beats to the text; puppetry and set design by Faulty Optic, who were last seen at the London International Mime Festival with their show Soiled. That show had "a boxing ballerina, a soil-spitting psychic, a sparrow with a Tourette's disorder" so it will be interesting to see what they provide for this new play.

In fact, it will be interesting to see what comes of all aspects of this new play: it's a rare chance to see what happens when puppetry and surreal set design join forces with spoken word and physical theatre. London is entering a golden age of combined disciplines and hybrid art forms - the science / dance / music crossover of Quartet was breath-taking and there's more to come. Catch Mr Sole Abode to see what else is happening When Genres Crossover.

Mr Sole Abode at Lyric Hammersmith from tonight until 17 March. For more information and to book tickets, go to the Lyric Hammersmith website here.

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