Beauty From The Beast

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Beauty From The Beast

Valentine's Day isn't too far off... what to get her this year? Perfume? Flowers? Why not drench her in semen?

Hari's, an upmarket beauty salon in Chelsea now offers a 45-minute "Aberdeen Organic Hair" treatment that can give your hair the ultimate shine by massaging into it a protein-rich mixture of semen from thoroughbred bulls and a plant root.

Owner Hari Salem had apparently tried hundreds of products including wild avocados and truffle oil before hitting on bull semen as the ideal way to make hair look wonderful.

Hari's friend: Did the wild avocados work?

Hari Salem: No, my hair still looks so lifeless and dull.

Hari's friend: Damn!

Hari Salem: Yeah I know, I had high hopes for that avocado.

Hari's friend: I have an idea, have you tried truffle oil?

Hari Salem: Yeah, it just made my hair greasy and unmanagable.

Hari's friend: I hate it when that happens.

Hari Salem: Me too.

Hari's friend: Tell you what Hari, why don't I go and wank off that bull and we'll massage his ejaculated sperm into your hair - with any luck it will be a wonder serum for radiant hair.

Salem told the Metro that,

The semen is refrigerated before use and doesn't smell ... It leaves your hair looking wonderfully soft and thick.

Last Updated 07 February 2007