Londonist Loves...FridayCities

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Londonist Loves...FridayCities

You've probably already found FridayCities. It's been around a few months now, but is emerging from it beta chrysalis this week as a glorious butterfly of a site.

Maybe a metamorphosis from pupae to ant colony is a better analogy, for Friday Cities is all about social interaction. At its heart is a simple idea. You ask a question about life in London and other members answer it. Usually very quickly. Questions such as:

Who owns the weird silver box thing at Elephant and Castle?

How cool would it be to use Regent's canal to get people to and from the Olympics?

And the morbid "Where's a good place to die in this city?", which currently has 42 responses.

Social networking sites seem to come and go with the regularity of Alex Ferguson's gum, but this one's smart. Keeping it local helps keep it relevant. Regular interviews with members add an editorial depth. This week sees the launch of another round of features, including the ability to chat realtime with other members. And having heard their longer-term plans, this is just a start. They have something beautiful brewing.

To join in the fun, visit FridayCities and enter the Invitation Code: j9pj5d7m054e

Last Updated 24 February 2007