Londonist Live: Aereogramme & The Kissaway Trail @ 93 Ft East

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Londonist Live: Aereogramme & The Kissaway Trail @ 93 Ft East

Sometimes it takes one good thing to make you realise how good another good thing is.An example:

Last week we went to see Aereogramme and The Kissaway Trail at 93 Feet East.

The Kissaway Trail are new signings to Bella Union and come from Odense, Denmark. They make great, catchy slightly emo (and by that I mean to old style emo of Deep Elm fame, not new style red and black teenager emo) music, but with lots of nicely syncopated beats. Our co-gigger commented, not unfairly, that they sounded like Appleseed Cast "but with more la la las" or "Mercury Rev got happy". The occasional lack of lyrical content was only a slight point against them, as was the fact that Bella Union found them on myspace - the ultimate in Emo clich├ęs. Had the gig finished after The Kissaway Trail we would have been very satisfied. They were great, tuneful, bashfully simple in their banter and showed no nerve considering that they are relatively wet behind the ears when it comes to UK gigging.

But then came Aerogramme. I had been warned that the Pitchfork review of their new album My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go (released on Monday) was not entirely complementary and bemoans the lack of elegant moments compared to their previous records. Whether or not this is true remains to be heard on Monday but we can vouch that this is definitely not the case in their live outing. "Exits" particularly demonstrated their ability the weave a beautiful noise. The best way to describe Aerogramme to the uninitiated is, we think, music for all the family. There are parts that could be a lullaby to a 5 year old, catchy tuneful moments for your mum, dark and grinding emo moment for you angsty teenage sibling and...some moments that you really wouldn't want your Gran to hear. There were pounding drums, feminine vocals, a bass player who looked like Justin Lee Collins and a Slayer cover to finish it off.

Aereogramme - keep going and keep reminding us that Scotland has more intensity and more emotion to offer than Snow Patrol or Travis.

Words by Gill Rickson

Last Updated 13 February 2007