London Timewarp #6

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London Timewarp #6

This week, we take the Londonist Tardis back to 1905, and land in Percy Circus, Islington.


Percy Circus sits on high ground above the meandering Kings Cross Road. Its residents dwell above the salt, in Victorian terraces of greater luxury than the shabby counterparts down hill in the Fleet Valley. Here we see the southern section, with Prideaux Place in the distance.

The Circus was built in the 1840s, on land owned by the New River Company. It boasts a very famous former resident. At about the time the upper photo was taken, Lenin could be called upon at number 16 (out of shot). A blue plaque today marks the spot, and a bust to the statesman is apparently buried nearby.

There's very little here to suggest we've gone back over 100 years; even that lamp post is in the same place. There are a few clues, though. The sapling plane trees are now much chunkier. There's a distinct absence of gents in hats. And the modern road surface is better able to cope with the gradient.

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