Leave No Can Behind

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Leave No Can Behind

There was a recycling launch at the Tate Modern today - no, they didn't shred all the Dali, but they did play host to London Remade and a possible solution to the capital’s waste and recycling infrastructure problem:

The solution, entitled Leave no footprint, will deliver exciting and practical ways to expand recycling capacity, create jobs and supply the market with materials ready to be made into new products.

Transforming the way London manages its waste is a huge challenge. Leave no footprint will divert 2.5 million tonnes of waste from landfill, create 1,000 new jobs, bring £200 million of investment into the waste and recycling industry, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure regional compliance with the Landfill Directive.

Sounds like a plan. Not a cheap one though:

The development of a sustainable waste solution for London will require significant investment over the next 10 years, in excess of £4 billion in infrastructure alone.

Our advice is to just drop 2012, medals and Olympics somewhere into the press release and then stand back and watch the money come in.

Last Updated 23 February 2007