le cool London Launch

By Hazel Last edited 143 months ago
le cool London Launch

Launching this Thursday is a sparkling new free weekly email magazine featuring all the essential events, bars, restaurants and clubs around the city. Subscribers to le cool London can make the most of the positive and useful content that is promised; we like the fact that in a city that moves so fast, this friendly weekly email wastes no time whining about the poor service in a place every other weekly guide has hyped for months or takes up your precious leisure time with bitching about Transport for London. It just cuts straight to the throbbing heart of what is great and good in London in that particular week.

le cool picks up and puts forward the stuff mainstream magazines miss out and is compiled by a team of city revellers rather like its target audience. Having seen the other le cool experiences around Europe, it feels like the overexcited emails you get from an overenthusiastic friend who has heard that you might be in town for the next week or so... with better pictures. As well as the bars, clubs, restaurants, theatre, film and music you just have to try for yourself, the magazine covers London experiences: listings for the best soup van in London, pancake races, and the friendliest nightbus are all in the mix.

All things London are covered and this week's launch adds our fair city to the network of le cool places. So far, the empire covers Barcelona (where it all started), Madrid, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Istanbul - about time London joined the list. It is cool. It is le cool.

le cool London launches on Thursday 15 February. For more information and to subscribe, go to the website here. Image by Joe Plimmer for the front cover of the inaugural issue.

Last Updated 12 February 2007