Flash Date...Not As Seedy As It Sounds

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Flash Date...Not As Seedy As It Sounds

More flashmobbery, but this time with a romantic Valentine's twist. If you're single, or if you're not single but a consumate loverat, then get down to the National Gallery steps on Sunday for 5.55 pm.

GIRLS: Wear something pink or red

GUYS: Bring a flower or some chocolate

Find someone who catches your eye, and ask them out. If you want an immediate return on your Flash Date, the organisers will be heading over to the nearby Chandos - that hotbed of passion and amour.

Flash mobs, flash dance, flash dates...we think someone ought to organise a Flash Gordon, where all the famous Gordons - from Brown to Ramsay, and even Burns - meet in Gordon Square and drink Gordon's Gin, while dressed as interplanetary heroes. Gordon Bennett!

Last Updated 07 February 2007