Darkest Holborn

By sizemore Last edited 145 months ago
Darkest Holborn

We are getting reports that Holborn has been plunged into darkness. Apart from the sunshine. What we mean is that there seems to be a power failure of some kind:

Part of central london is in the dark. My uni in holborn is closed, holborn station is shut, there are no traffic lights, alarms are going off, there is looting (perhaps not). Can't find any links on the net though... The Greens were right - we've run out of fossil fuels!

Aside from LSE students across London being forced to spend the day in the pub does anyone else know what's going on? Green Park tube was also closed yesterday due to a power failure...

Cheers to Ben for the heads up.

UPDATE: Hundreds of West End businesses have suffered a power cut after an electricity substation was flooded. We knew it wasn't monsters or anything. Thanks to Tom for the link.

Last Updated 12 February 2007