Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Making Our Mind Up!

By Londonist_adrian Last edited 206 months ago
Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Making Our Mind Up!

Tomorrow, the BBC announce the acts that will be in contention to represent the UK in Eurovision. Making Your Mind Up, the show, will be held sometime in the next few weeks. Whispers have been flying around for months about who'll be in the running, with some rumours hitting the headlines (yep, Morrissey), but as yet, nobody knows for sure. This year marks the UK's 50th Eurovision entry, as well as the 40th anniversary of our first win (Puppet on a String) and the 10th anniversary of the last time we won (Love Shine a Light) so it would be the perfect year for UK victory. But who will be the performer?

Morrissey is definitely out - he's not doing it. The BBC have said so, and let that be that. However East 17 boy Brian Harvey may very definitely be in. Londonist have friends who know friends in the know and they say 'yes'. Also very strongly rumoured to be in the competition is Liz McClarnon, one of those lovely Atomic Kitten girls. We don't know, however, whether she's going down the classy pop ballad Whole Again route or taking the trashy Hen Night Ladies Night approach. Either way, she should be game for a laugh.

Way back last autumn, the Scissor Sisters' name was being bandied around, but Londonist reckons that was just wishful thinking. Also rumoured from early on was Carol Decker of T'Pau. That's one for all those stuck in the 80s (cue Terry Wogan commenting that that's most of Europe).

We've also heard rumours about reality TV show contestants: 4Tune from X Factor, Chico from last year's X Factor, Pop Idol 2 lady Michelle McManus, Strictly Come Dancing's ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton. Reality TV stars get a bad rep, so we'd like to remind everyone of that Pop Idol lovely Jessica Garlick came 3rd in Eurovision 2002. But let's draw the line at reality TV types who aren't singers, so please no Michelle Bass or Lee Otway, thanks.

We're very tempted to start a rumour right here and now that Sophie Ellis-Bextor is in, as she would be ace. But we'll make do with the one about Dannii Minogue. If she is competing (and we pray at a temple of pop that she is), she really needs to copy this routine from the Swedish pre-selection as it is such a wonderful homage de Minogue. We rather love the idea of Dannii Minogue spinning around on a CD as the needle on a record. It would be meta-textual pop heaven.

And what about this lot: Tina Cousins, Big Brovaz, The Puppini Sisters, John Barrowman, Ace of Base, Radiohead, Billie Piper, Rachel Stevens, Son of Dork... Seriously, it's a very long rumour list. We'll know tomorrow! Exciting, isn't it?

Last Updated 27 February 2007