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Our weekend roundup of all that's good in London blogs


While most bloggers, us included, cocked a sarcastic snook at the Starbucks store locator, Diamond Geezer has, typically, been more inventive. He's put together a crude map of London showing the number of outlets per postal district. W1, naturally, has the most with 32, whereas poor/lucky RM1, BR1 and SM1 only have one each.

Our old friend Brian, the blogging pigeon, did some investigative journalism on avian anatomy this week. Where is a pigeon's cock?, he enquired.

Whatever it is, it’s underneath and, having never stood over a mirror to have a look, I’ve never seen it. Neither have I ever asked anyone else to have a butchers - obviously - that would be weird. All that ‘being hung like a…’ has passed us pigeons by. Damn shame. All we know is baby pigeons happen, and piss has got to come out of somewhere…

LastBusHome highlights a trend to set your teeth on edge. New housing developments with wank names. Examples include OneSE8, VizioN7 and the groanworthy 'So Bow'. Almost as criminal as the recent attempts by property companies to rebrand Holborn as 'Midtown'. Dastards.

Onionbagblog, meanwhile, heads to one of the forgotten corners of London. St George's Gardens, if memory serves, are built on the site of a major plague pit, and still feel barren and forlorn. As well as capturing this stagnant atmosphere in a series of snaps for The Way We See It, Onionbagblog also provides this little exchange with a passer-by, which will be familiar to many photobloggers:

'Can I ask what you are doing?' rather rudely as I pointed my seven inch super zoom around in full public gaze.

You should know how the scenario is played out by now...


*incredibly uncomfortable long pause*

'Go on then - ask me what I'm doing...'

'What are you doing?'

'I'm taking photographs.'


'Because I'm a photographer.'

Image taken from Onionbagblog.

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It would have been nice if the individual WWSI photographers were asked first before their work was pimped out on the back of some knobber's own personal 'creativity.'

I should take a photo of the Mona Lisa and then display that as my own personal work of art.

Thieving cunts.