Ticket-alert: A Midget Homecoming

By Talia Last edited 144 months ago
Ticket-alert: A Midget Homecoming

When Louise Amanda Harman was born 21 years ago in Wembley, little could her parents have any idea that they were giving birth to what would become the self confessed biggest midget on the block.

In fact even when the whole UK first met Lady Sovereign we were a bit confused. She looked a bit like Sporty Spice and wanted us to Save The Hoodie - most of us turned away from her with snooty noses, only the likes of Headphone Sex giving her any blogroom.

But then a funny thing happened, Lady Sov got on a plane and went to America where she was snapped up by Def Jam, threw up all over Kathleen Hanna and Adam Horowitz's house, and went on a tour winning fans and critics over everywhere. One guy liked her so much he managed to convince the rest of the internet to give him $10,000 to transport him across America to take little Louise out on a date. Meanwhile, having previously shunned her, the UK started itching when they heard the infectious likes of Hoodie and Random.

But now, our favourite 5ft 1incher is back in the UK for a 'homecoming gig' at The Scala on February 7th and we've got our tickets already. Beforehand she'll be releasing Love Me or Hate Me on January 24th. The single, which was part written by Dr Luke was the first British song to top the MTV TRL chart in America and it's hoped that such similar rewards will finally be reaped here.

Last Updated 05 January 2007