Wander Lonely Streets; Behind Where the Old Thames Does Flow

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Wander Lonely Streets; Behind Where the Old Thames Does Flow

In other words, it's the first ever Londonist guided walk. We're putting on a tour of the upper Pool of London (London Bridge and the Tower precincts) on Sat 10 February, from 2pm.

There are soooo many reasons you should come:

1. It's free!

2. You'll meet the authors of at least three nerdy books about London.

3. The tour is conducted by Chris Roberts, the chap who brought you such delights as the Evening Standard Random Headline Generator.

4. There's beer. (Though that's not free.)

The tour will be loosely based on Chris's popular 'Joke Lore' walk - a ragbag collection of weird and creepy stories connected with the darker side of London's past and present. Here's a taster:

"Queen Rat of Queenshythe, The Great Worm of Borough, Pagan Estate Agents and the peculiar case of the mummified cat all feature on this strange tour of London's waterfront. Find out why the Tower of London is Hello Magazine for spooks and what Wayne Rooney was doing in St Michael Paternoster. Much of the tour consists of well known London folktales and ghost stories but part of it is pure Blairgash. Will you be able to pick the two apart and who would you nominate for the place the modern traitor's head on London Bridge game?"

Chris has just launched the first 'Penny Dreadful' for over 100 years. This new periodical, called One Eye Grey for reasons that become clear on reading it, is now available in bookshops all over town, for £2.50. The walk will draw on some of the spookier tales from this magazine.

So, if you'd like to join us, simply send an email to londonist - at - gmail - dot - com, and we'll let you know the meeting point.

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