Walking In Your Footsteps ...

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Walking In Your Footsteps ...

Next month, the UK's Forensic Science Service will launch the world's very first shoe imprint database.

The database will be able to cross reference the shoe- and footprints of crime suspects with shoe and footprints taken from crime scenes. Unique patters of wear and foot placement (and, who knows, maybe even smell??) make footprints very distinctive, each person's footprint disclosing unique information about himself or herself or itself.

Of course if you watch CSI, you already know all this.

Recently the Forensic Science Services contributed helpful evidence in the mystery of the Jack The Ripper killings.

The new footprint database may help to solve old crimes as well as new. Londonist is thrilled to think that the database could finally help answer that burning question:

Who killed the dinosaurs?

Last Updated 30 January 2007