Vinnie Jones-Russ Abbott Lovechild Jumps Off London Eye

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Vinnie Jones-Russ Abbott Lovechild Jumps Off London Eye

Well, this one completely passed us by.

Man dresses up as James Bond, swims across Thames, scales the London Eye, then throws himself off. Superb. It's been done before, of course, but still, superb. Plummeting tomfool Gary Connery from Maidenhead shares many characteristics with 007. The surname, obviously, but also that silver-tongued way with a bon mot.

Reporter: How was it Gary?

Gary: Yeah, great, fantastic.

Marvellous. Just like a real, grown up spy, only without the fashionable, glowing sushi accoutrements.

This all happened a few weeks ago, but seems to have bypassed just about everyone. One exception is the News of the World, who covered the whole thing and provide a video. They deserve extra credit for avoiding the almost necessary 'Eye fall tower" pun.

We eagerly await his next trick in which he will throw himself out of a plane, one mile up, without a parachute. No, seriously.

Thanks to Steve Mitchell for the tip off.

Last Updated 09 January 2007