Videobox: Sarah Nixey - When I'm Here With You

By Talia Last edited 136 months ago
Videobox: Sarah Nixey - When I'm Here With You

There's another video for Sarah Nixey's blossoming solo career doing the rounds and this time it's for the previously unheard Utopia-esque When I'm Here With You and set in the very lovely Bush Hall. It's released on January 29th as the 3rd single from the forthcoming February album Sing, Memory. And if you the sound of intelligent pop meeting twisted electro basslines, then this should be an album you're very much looking forward to. To be honest, we've not listened to it as much as we should but Hotel Room, Masquerade and the perfectly constructed to be a pop hit Endless Circles are all names of songs which you should really be looking forward to!

For more info, the always ace XO's Middle Eight has listened to it more carefully than us.

Last Updated 08 January 2007


Thanks! I'll do a full review very soon. You are so right about Endless Circles.