Value Homes at Till Number 6

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Value Homes at Till Number 6

Supermarket wars found a new battlefield today as Tesco vowed to build affordable homes for its employees:

Tesco is set to build homes for its staff to combat the lack of affordable housing in London.

The UK's largest supermarket has allocated 13 to staff of the 250 flats it is building alongside the Streatham store in south London.

The retailer already has "planning consent" and is in the "final stages of legal agreements," a spokeswoman said.

If the trial is successful, the chain intends to incorporate staff housing into further developments.

A pretty neat idea. Now it just waits to be seen if the new 'value' homes will be painted blue and white.

"It is being led in London because there is more need for affordable housing... the sites in London are more constrained so you need to be a lot more imaginative."

Be interesting to see if it starts a store housing race. What are the odds that the M&S ready-homes will look great but be overpriced and have horrible taste? Will people will end up crashing in Lidl tower blocks when they can't be arsed walking all the way to their Sainsbury's pads?

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Last Updated 15 January 2007