The Italian Connection

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The Italian Connection


British Airways continues its ongoing campaign to prove to the world that airtravel for the 21st century is green, safe, convenient, and much cheaper than those using those stinky old trains.

The Daily Mail reveals that British Airways has been attempting to sort out lost luggage by chucking it all on a plane and sending it to Italy where the Italian baggage handling establishment will sort it all out.

No, seriously.

We're not making this up.

British Airways – and they are probably not the only airline – have been sending unclaimed or badly routed luggage to cheap sub-contractors in Milan. The Milanese technicians, sporting fabulous jumpsuits and sleek wrap-around goggles suitable for the ski slopes or sunny beaches, sort through the bags and send them on to their destinations. Often these bags are sent on to their destinations after the passenger has actually gone back home.

British Airways admitted that some of its baggage equipment had broken in December before Christmas. They also admitted that more equipment had broken in December after Christmas, as well.

In the spirit of holiday givin, however, British Airways offered - and continues to offer - baggageless travelers a telephone hotline they can call any time of day to ask questions about their bags - questions like: "Where are my bags?" and "Where the hell are my bags?" Some passengers reported being on hold 10 hours before being able to ask these questions.

British Airways charges 3p per minute for those calls.

Lest we judge BA too harshly, note that British Midland Airways (BMI), the second largest full-service airline in the U.K. charges 7.5p per minute on its lost luggage hotline.

BMI's lost luggage operations center is in Mumbai.

Last Updated 05 January 2007