Terrorist Fashion Report

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Terrorist Fashion Report

The Independent reports that the fashion sense of six men now on trial for conspiracy to commit murder on London transport in July 2005 had been frequently observed by police on several occasions. This week's court proceedings show that the apparel of the men was carefully analyzed by Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard began their "fashion study" by secretly photographing a camping trip taken by the men to the Lake District in May 2004.

The court was told that the photographs showed clearly that the accused, Mr. Ramzi Mohammed, was wearing camouflage trousers, boots and t-shirt. His co-conspirator, Mr. Yassin Omar, could be seen wearing a white-hooded top. With a "Kenya" logo on it.

A "Kenya" logo.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Mr. Adel Yahya, the youngest of the accused, wore a blue top, and Mr. Hussain Osman was carrying a "staff". Although there's no reason it couldn't have been a "stick" or "pole".

In December, suspect Muktar Said Ibrahim was questioned at Heathrow on his way to Pakistan. Ibrahim claimed he was on his way to Pakistan for a wedding. He packed both hot and cold weather clothing.

The court also heard evidence from one Stephen Bentley, a schoolfriend of Adel Yahya and acquaintance of Yassin Omar. He told the court that in later years, when he returned home from university at the holidays, he would occasionally see Omar and that Omar would be wearing "Islamic dress".

Not a dress. Like a woman's dress, or skirt, or frock. But dress, as in "outfit", "clothing", "costume".

"He started wearing some kind of crazy Islamic costume or something or other," Bentley said. Or might be imagined to have said.

In any case, the prosecution seems to have clearly and irrevocably proved, through the use of surveillance photos and testimoney, that the defendants wore clothes. And that they have been wearing clothes for some time. And that, unless they're stopped now, they may wear clothes again.

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