Skins is Coming

By Talia Last edited 145 months ago
Skins is Coming

We knew something strange was happening when one of Londonist's friends who likes house music and r&b and refuses to listen to indie music started singing The Gossip's amazing Standing In The Way of Control while doing the weekly shopping last week. It was only when we were pigging out in front of the television watching Hollyoaks later than night that we realised why.

Yes possibly 2006's greatest song is being used on the really intense trail for new E4 show Skins. Now the Ugly Betty premiere is out of the way you're bound to catch this trailer every ten minutes on Channel 4 but just in case you haven't you can see it - tadah!

We certainly didn't see get up to anything as fun as this growing up, but co-writers Simon Amstell and Josie Long must have been wild partying teenagers in their day. And yes, if you're wondering, the lead character does appear to be Nicholas Hoult, aka that really annoying kid with the monk style hair from About A Boy. For a more detailed look at the characters watch this slightly more sedate trailer which features music from Boy Kill Boy. If anything, the music in this show is going to be good.

Tipped to be the new As If and produced by the team behind Shamless, Skins hits E4 at 10pm on January 25th. We can't wait.

Last Updated 11 January 2007