Salvador Dali On Film

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Salvador Dali On Film

Dali on Spellbound
Dali poking at eyes on "Spellbound"

The Tate Modern will be presenting an exhibit called Dalí & Film, June 1 until September 9.

I know it's a few months early to announce, but it is Surrealism, so there you have it. That Tate Modern, there's no telling what they're going to do over there.

Salvador Dalí loved movies and collaborated on several films, most famously Alfred Hitchcock's "Spellbound" (1945). Dalí designed the film's - of course - dream sequence, which features lots of eyes. Eyes, eyes, eyes. If you're a surrealist, it's all about the eyes, isn't it? Eye and fish. Four and half minutes were cut from Spellbound's dream sequence – which was good for the film, but bad for art and film historians.

Check your attic. If you've got any negative up there with some eyeballs and Ingrid Bergman call Vincente Todoli, director of the Tate Modern. He'll send some goons over to collect it. And if you're lucky, he'll take you to dinner.

The exhibition will feature storyboards, photographs, and other materials cataloging Salvador Dalí's involvement with the cinema, including his collaborations with Luis Buñuel on "Un Chien Andalou" (1929) and "L'Age D'Or" (1930) and his animated Disney short "Destino", finally completed and released in 2003.

Check out the Luis Buñuel retrospective at the National Film Theatre this month and next. The two Dalí collaborations will be screening together until the end of January.

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