We love 1995

By Talia Last edited 144 months ago
We love 1995

It's not often that the words 'Oxford Circus' and 'fun' would be found in close non-sarcastic proximity to each other. Whether it's having a megaphoned up preacher yapping in your ear, someone trying to sell you haircuts outside Top Shop or lots of tourists putting paper tickets on oyster readers, it's more often than not a pain in the arse.

That said the Oxford Circus tube refit has been giving us little spurts of excitement every now and again when the walls and posters are peeled back to reveal a forgotten age. This time round if you follow the escalators labelled 'Central Line' down you'll reach a corridor of the 90s featuring such gems as the above poster for Boy George's Funtime singles released back in March 1995. We spotted it last night and were all ready to go back to snap the posters before they disappear until trusty reader Jollyness let us know she'd already done it for us!

So, go on, take a trip back to the 1990s - a forgotten age when having a Skunk Anansie remix was cool; when cassettes were the best; and when everyone was getting excited about the world's biggest record store opening.

Last Updated 24 January 2007