Maggie May Returns!

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Maggie May Returns!

Remember how last week we told you of the awful news about Lily Allen's dog, Maggie May being stolen?

Well, Maggie May is back home!

On Wednesday, she received a call from a man claiming to have bought the dog as a present for his sister, her friends went to meet the man and handed over the cash reward in return for the dog. However, it may not have been as innocent as it seemed,

Once Maggie had been handed over, the young men and woman offered to sell more puppies to my friends, which made us realise that these people were in the business of moving dogs. Now I feel guilty for having given these people money and contributing to their cruel business but I love that dog and felt I had no choice.

Well at least she's got it back.

Let's see what Lily's myspace "friends" have to say...

Thankfully you got her back...that's nice of the man to part with his would-be present for his sister.

On a sidenote, come back to LA so I can introduce you to popcorn, pasta, and all sorts of other goodies we talked about last time you were here! "So I can introduce you to pasta"? Are we alone in thinking that Lily Allen has probably had pasta before?

so glad you got her back, i hope the people that took her fucking die. and i hope the police and RSPCA get to the bottom of things.

I'm so glad Maggie May is back. Those bastards who stole her deserves a lifetime of imprisonment.

It's a good thing Lily Allen fans don't run the home office.

what a complete dik head ii reali hope they find the bastard hew did this to your dog if this was me ii wud of gone out and hunted the div onlyy 13 and ii would of done that...if somone stole mi dog ii would of Killed the Man!

anyyyway the most improtant thing is that she was Found!!

<3 x

Couldn't have put it better ourselves!

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