Lost post costs Greece a pretty penny

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Lost post costs Greece a pretty penny

Someone should introduce the wonderful world of email to Greek Culture Minister Giorgos Voulgarakis. We all like getting an old fashioned letter, but with millions of pounds worth of loot at stake you do not want to trust the British postal service. Voulgarakis claims to have sent a letter to Christie's on Monday which means it's probably still in a sorting office or has been delivered to someone named Christine on King Street.

Shame really as he was asking them to please not sell hundreds of Greek royal heirlooms as there was a good chance it was pilfered. Christie's reckon this is the first they've heard about it and went ahead and opened the bidding resulting in a tidy multi million pound sale:

The most expensive item on the first day of a two-day auction was a pair of massive silver Victorian pilgrim flasks, which sold for $1.1 million, the London-based auction house said in a statement. The sale continues Thursday.

So now they have heard about it and are selling it anyway. Sucks to be a Greek Culture Minister, but he may get the last laugh when he sees what a mess we make of the Olympics.

Our favourite piece in the sale was the pictured painting of a small bloke in a dress showing some poor dog a piece of it's own excrement before beating it to death with a bloody big stick.

£50,000 price tag? We'll stick to the film posters we liberate from the ICA when no one is looking.

Last Updated 25 January 2007