Londonist Introduces... Client

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Londonist Introduces... Client

What's the skinny?

This isn't so much an introduction to a new band, as the first time we've talked about them on Londonist. If you know your electroclash, you'll know Client. After all, they have been about since 2003.

Client are Sarah Blackwood, Kate Holmes and Emily Mann - all familar names. Sarah was the vocalist in morose 90s band Dubstar, Kate is poptones boss Alan McGee's wife and Emily is a former contestant from Make Me A Supermodel (ok, so you might not have heard of her.) Together they've created a band with an filthy image, perfecting every hetrosexual male's vision of lesbian s&m. They dress in tight costumes, and act like they're about to bend over and spank you if you dare step out of line while teasingly playing with each other and their microphone cords. Interested?

What have they done?

Their last album City spawned a no. 22 hit in the form of Pornography, probably due to the presence of a certain Carl Barat on the track. Like The Revelations they also run a clubnight at Notting Hill Arts Club called Being Boiled. Both their albums have been filled with brilliant electro pop but they've never quite made it into the mainstream in the UK, although Germany love them natch!

Why do we want to know this?

This week the lead single from their forthcoming third album is out and it's a stonking cover of Adam Ant's Xerox Machine. It's so good we've been playing it non-stop since June and you can watch the rather shonky video for it here or listen to it at myspace. You can catch them live at Nag Nag Nag tonight or Electrogogo on Feb 1st.

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