Lights, Camera...LOCKDOWN!

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Lights, Camera...LOCKDOWN!


Just in case you budding filmmakers weren't feeling guilty enough about getting off your lazy backsides and entering that short film contest – you know, the one you keep putting off year after year after year …

Last week, the inmates of Wandsworth Prison showed six short films to fellow prisoners and special guests at the concluding screening of Media for Development's Inside Film project.

Over the course of two months, selected inmates were released from their cells for two one-and-a-half hour periods each week to work on a short film project of their own devising. The pieces were shot, edited, directed by, and starred inmates of Wandsworth Prison.

The project was funded by charitable organisation UnLtd and was apparently the first of its kind ever to take place in a prison.

Media for Development is a not-for-profit organisation that "uses media to reach, engage, and empower isolated communities in the UK and internationally".

Maybe the best way to get those creative projects off the ground is not to try harder and apply yourself. Maybe you just need to be arrested and put away for a long, long time. Movieland success could be just around the corner!

Step One: Life of crime.

Step Two: Guilty plea.

Step Three: Academy Award!

Last Updated 08 January 2007