Knob II

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Knob II

Please don't tell us that people like this are now encouraging others :

Dickon, 19, performed a poem called Setting My Hair on fire last week outside the Bentall Centre, which involved him setting fire to some strands of his hair. This was the first in a series of performance poems which Dickon says explores the theme of celebrity disappointment. "Disappointment is a big issue in my current work. I am constantly disappointed by the people the media choose to follow and to tell me about, so I feel it is my turn to get my 15 minutes of fame," he said.

If we ever get tanks on the streets here please allow us to pick which students get thrown in front of them first.

The next instalment in Dickon's series of attention-grabbing titled poems is called Smacking a Child in the Face, and takes place at 1.15pm today (Wednesday) outside the Bentall Centre .

Please let the child in question be him. Then we want his parents chemically castrated. This is what you get for breeding and naming the result mess Dickon.

Last Updated 22 January 2007