High-raze Living

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High-raze Living

How cool is this building? In a kind of rate-my-skyscraper stylee, we want to know if there's anyone out there who could possibly dislike this. It's a new tower block for the Elephant & Castle area that's been on the cards for a year or two, but is about to get going. And, for a while, it should be the tallest building south of the river.

Surely - and we know there are a lot of high-rise naysayers out there, so we're playing devil's advocate - surely, no one can object to this sleek razor-like design. (By the way, we added the smaller shaver - that's all us, being flippant - they're not planning to build a real, giant shaver next to the structure. That would be silly and frivolous.)

The tower is completely residential and, in a remarkable turn up for the books, sounds like it might actually be affordable to many who would suspect it would not be. According to skyscrapernews.com, whom we worship, the tower is:

aimed at young professionals who have money but aren't rich enough to live in the likes of the Pan Peninsula Tower.

That being the currently-rising pile on the Isle of Dogs aimed at people with big bonuses.

So...wow, yes please. Build this thing.

Last Updated 24 January 2007