Eddie Murphy Is A Scaredy Cat

By Londonist_ben Last edited 147 months ago
Eddie Murphy Is A Scaredy Cat

It's been a while since we caught up with what our favourite Spice Girl, Scary, was up to. Last we saw, she had just moved to the USA to start a new glamorous life for herself in the Hollywood hills. However, she hasn't been picking her boyfriends well. It seems that while our backs were turned, she got pregnant by movie-poison Eddie Murphy, got engaged to him, then got dumped on a Dutch talk show after which he denied his paternity of the child!

You can watch his lying little face below,

Oooooh that bastard! Had we known that this was all going on, we'd have marched down to the première of his upcoming release, Dreamgirls, and given him a piece of our mind. We can't promise that we wouldn't have got him with a water pistol, or set a wolf on him.

But hang on, what's this? So scared was he of London's many die-hard Mel B fans that he stayed at home?

Grow some cojones Eddie.

Last Updated 29 January 2007