Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Retro Euro-pop

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Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Retro Euro-pop

Now, we realise we've already had a post about the Eurovision this week, and there's still 4 whole months to go before the actual contest, but we simply had to tell you about London's number one (or, probably, only) Eurovision night. The Retro Bar, off the Strand, is a delightfully lived-in gay bar playing rock and indie-pop music for a discerning crowd. That is, except for the second Thursday of every month when the bar goes ├╝ber-pop with a Eurovision theme.


Douze Points has been running at Retro for 8 years, and tonight they're marking the anniversary with something of a Eurovision extravaganza. The organisers play videos of old Eurovision entries, we'll all vote on them, juries will present our votes in the traditional fashion and a winner will be chosen. It couldn't be easier, and all in the spirit of happy competition.

Throughout the festivities, Eurovision hits will be played and many will dance in a delightfully choreographed way. You can expect lots of Swedish pop, Greek laika and all manner of other Euro-treats. It is almost guaranteed to be the only place in London to dance Wild Dances style to Ukrainian turbo folk! (if you know anywhere else, please let us know).

The night is massively popular, so expect a crowd. Entry is free, and it all kicks off at 8.30. See you there - Londonist'll be the ones in full Cheryl Baker regalia. Seriously, we've a wig and everything. And by the way, remember the Russian Winter Festival we mentioned earlier - last year's Russian eurovision entrant, pop-hunk Dima Bilan is performing there. Hooray!

Last Updated 11 January 2007