Trash (1997-2007)

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Trash (1997-2007)

Tonight is the 10th birthday party for world-famous London clubnight Trash, and as mentioned a little while back, it's to be its last.

Tonight, Trash bows out after a decade.

It seems fitting that after 10 years, we should seal the lid on something which has been extremely special. Closing it at one of it's peaks is in honour of the special times we have all shared together.

Erol will be leaving his residency to concentrate on new projects, but will still feature in the next chapter, which will take the form of a new night involving many of those who make Trash what is it. But more details of that will follow in due course..

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the bands and dj's who have guested and played with us, and also thank the staff (from the doors, bars, security, cloakroom and the toilets!) who have worked tirelessly to make Trash happen week in week out, and a big special thank you to our home, The End, who have help make the last 6 or so years as groundbreaking and exciting as they have been.

Last and by no means least; to every single one of you who has ever come out on a Monday to dance, drink, laugh, love, cry, court, sing, shout, shuffle, stamp, jump, cheer and clap; to everybody who dressed up in ways that only they could; to the quiet kids in the corners and the mental party monsters in the middle; to all the lovers; to everyone who should have grown up a long time ago and probably never will; to the Ravers, Rockers, Mods, Club Kids and Freaks; to all the beautiful girls and gorgeous boys and those inbetween; to everyone who nursed a Tuesday hangover and lied to their boss / teacher / parents; to all you wonderful, noisy b*stards, whether you only came once, or were there every week; to all of you..

Thank you.

Trash was yours and you deserved it.

It will love you forever

Tonight. From 9. Grab your pointy shoes, straighten your hair and arrive early (to be honest there's probably people queuing already). Don't be too sad though, Durrr starts next week.

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