Behold the Future!

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Behold the Future!

Blakey and the rest of the RMT aren't going to like the sound of this:

Like something plucked right out of a 1960’s sci-fi flick, the model of a Driverless bus wowed visitors at the Science Museum in London - where it is currently on exhibit - with its claims of reducing air pollution and traffic congestion, wrapped up in a slick, futuristic package.

Driverless buses? But who will tell you that they can't possibly sell you a ticket and to instead use a coin stealing machine and wait for the next 188? Seriously though this sounds way too cool to ever take off in an old fashioned history laden city like ours:

the extraterrestrial-like ‘pod’ reportedly utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ‘sniff’ out magnets embedded in the roads in order to navigate through the main routes before maneuvering onto residential areas. Using a mobile phone, one would be able to hail the bus and direct it towards a location of their choice. The bus would not only reduce operating costs by up to 50 percent, it would also enable a more time-efficient means of public transport.

Yeah, that'll never catch on here. Bet it'd go down a storm in Tokyo though. Capoco are hoping to have 'em ferrying us around in time for the Olympics. We won't hold our breath as it's a safer bet they'll end up downgrading to old Routemasters and a fleet of Green Goddesses once the 2012 infrastructure crumbles.

Check out the mobilicity website if you want to keep dreaming.

Last Updated 31 January 2007


I would love Routemasters to make a return. Sometimes I take needless trips on them just for nostalgia... and I don't even have that much time to waste.

Bendy Buses are the bane of my existence, especially as all the rudeboys and girls call them 'Free Buses'... typical.

Seb Brennan

Mobilicity is the most exciting devlopment in public transport evah! But before Ken pumps the cash in, I've got a couple of ideas which'll perfect it:

1) The pods look great, but at 5 metres long, they won't hold the optimum number of customers. Why not make them 10 metres long instead, and to maximize road space, add a second pod on top?

2) Hailing a 'pod' is the way to go- us busy urbanites on the move just want to hop on and off. It's our crazy 2.0 lifestyle! But to really optimise things for cash-rich time-poor professionals, why not remove a section of the body work, creating a 'portal' through which customers can 'access' the facility even when it's on the move?

3) By 2012, teenagers will be too busy training in London's lavish Olympic legacy sports facilities to scratch 'LOLZ' into the windows, or stab strangers in the head for no reason whatsoever. But tourists and the elderly will still want someone to help them find their way around town- why not equip each pod with a Pod Captain? They could even take fares!