A Little Civil Disobedience

By sizemore Last edited 144 months ago
A Little Civil Disobedience

Kentish Town Cyclist, Nik Shah, is taking the time to try and make the morning commute a little more interesting by using it as a poke in the government's eye. PledgeBank is the implement of choice in an attempt to organise a Valentine's Day protest against The Serious Organised Crime and Police Acton:

"I will commute past Westminster on a bike wearing a vest that says "SOCPA sucks" but only if 10 other local people will too."

Five brave souls are already signed up, but at least another five are needed to kick things off.

I have a vision of Big Ben ticking 9.25, and a stream of cyclists entering the zone from Millbank, Whitehall and the Embankment, and all charging towards Parliament Square. Stationed there (once they see it happening a few times) will be hundreds of bike police, waiting to apprehend the civilly disobeying horde. We'll all enter the junction at once, taking them by surprise. Spinning off in our various directions, the confused Keystone Kops in hot pursuit, we hurtle 1km towards the border as though it were Mexico, zooming through while the Police are forced to pull up short, shaking their fists at the sky.

There's also an idea to knock up a few specially designed vests - all proceeds going to buy Brian Haw a new thermos!

Last Updated 09 January 2007