Who let the dog out?

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Who let the dog out?
Maggie May

We're not afraid to say it. We still really really like Lily Allen and Alright Still is up there in our albums of the year list. Yesterday instead of posting about how much she hates The Kooks (you go girl), she posted this message on her blog

I am beside myself with worry because someone has stolen my dog Maggie May this morning. I am in Jamacia, while i am here Maggie has been looked after by a friend she was stolen out of his van. outside his house, Capel road, Forest gate, London. E7 and no one has seen her since. Not only am i devastated that my dog has been taken away, but i am also concerned for her wellbeing. She needs an operation on her stomach and is having medical treatment. there is a reward. please anyone help. no one will be angry - me and my family just want Maggie home.

Now while we're not going to give Lily any points for grammar, the number you need to call if you see the missing dog is 07909 903565. Hoax calls demanding money have already been received and two other dogs were left in the van so it seems Maggie May has been specifically targetted.

If you've lost your dog this Xmas we really hope you find it soon. Dog Lost is an excellent community of people who will try their best to help find your dog, Maggie May is already on there and recieving help from lots of people.

Last Updated 29 December 2006