Waxen Vixens

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Waxen Vixens


There is almost nothing more upsetting than a life-size wax replica of a person.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, famous since the 19th century for its Chamber of Horrors, now features a life-size wax figure of Christina Aguilera. The songstress's exhibit also features a karaoke-style microphone that allows visitors to sing along with Christina. The wax statue does not move its lips, of course. It just stares at you.

The waxwork is costumed as in Christina's video "Ain't No Other Man". It's as if one could freeze-frame a moment from the video and walk around it, marveling at the splendor and wonder of it all. M. Tussaud's publicity department calls the setting "her own 1920s style powder room" and describes her pose as "greeting her fans with a smoldering over-the-shoulder look". In fact, the model for Aguilera's blonde bombshell look is silent movie icon Jean Harlow, who died of sudden kidney failure at age 26.

Very early yesterday morning, the actual Christina Aguilera was carried, unconscious, out of London club Kabaret's Prophecy, having run up a multi-thousand pound bar tab.

The wax Christina was unveiled on 30 November to coincide with her Wembley appearance this week. Tonight, she will perform in Paris, where the original Madame Marie Tussaud created death masks for famous victims of the French Revolution prior to opening her museum on Baker Street.

Christina Aguilera's simulacrum joins the Gollum-esque wax figure of Kylie Minogue, recently photographed in compromising positions with a flesh and blood human.

There are rumours of a "Late Night Show" which will feature the two wax figures together in a girl-girl act.

Last Updated 06 December 2006