Thrilling Hamster Rescue!

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Thrilling Hamster Rescue!

A London hamster narrowly escaped being crushed to death this week.

The Roborovski dwarf hamster was hidden away in a recycling bin. Council workers found him gnawing his way out of a bag of sawdust whilst emptying the container in DuCane Road, in Hammersmith.

Heh, heh ... Hammersmith ... Hammersmith Hamster.

The Hammersmith council is not suspecting foul play – e.g., a deranged parent punishing a child by chucking his pet into the bin. Hamsters are notorious for vanishing into tight and comfy places for safety and warmth, so the little rat was probably asking for it.

The Roborovski is the smallest and fastest of the hamsters.

It is interesting to note, however, that the apprehension of this hamster - dubbed "Chilly" by local 12-year-old, Isabel Anderson - is simultaneous with the manhunt for murder suspect Mustaf Jamma (sometimes written "Jama") who, authorities recently suggested, may have fled the country in disguise.

The idea was entertained that Mustaf Jamma was disguised as a woman. But perhaps his disguise was even more cunning than that.

It is not known if police have thoroughly interrogated "Chilly"/Jamma, but Londonist will keep you updated.

Frankly though, we're furious about the whole incident. I mean, for two weeks we've had recycling out front and they refuse to take it just because there's one plastic bottle stuck in there. Maybe we should stick in a cute bunny.

Last Updated 21 December 2006