The Greatest Music Video of 2007

By Talia Last edited 206 months ago
The Greatest Music Video of 2007

Right. We were going to save the Jarvis video till Friday, but some clever bugger has ripped the embargoed video and put it on YouTube:

Don't Let Him Waste Your Time is the first single proper from the excellent Jarvis. It's out on 8 January and heavily pilfers from Dion's Only You Know. Originally written for Nancy Sinatra (watch her version here), Jarvis must have seen sense and realised no one could deliver the line "And then some skinny bitch walks past in some hot pants" like he can.

It's Jarvis. It's London. It's drop your pants amazing. Look out for Argos on Old Street, and lovingly follow the route to Bethnal Green. We want a disco taxi this Xmas please.

Last Updated 20 December 2006