The Dirge Does Work, But The Drugs Don't

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The Dirge Does Work, But The Drugs Don't

The Independent Online has a loved-up profile of Pete Doherty. His PR people must be on red alert, as yesterday the Daily Mail’s A.N. Wilson was blaming him and Kate Moss for the murders of the five women in Suffolk. It was an unusually reasonable piece to begin with, asking why the media don’t discuss the womens’ drug use, and then Wilson loses it by going into frothy-mouth mode. Nick Hasted's profile chronicles Doherty’s year and marks the release of the new Babyshambles EP, The Blinding.

The singer fields questions about his bad behaviour, The Libertines, and his delicate friendship with Carl Barat. When asked about the split with his old band, he says ‘I can’t believe they kicked me out’. He argues that he doesn’t have any problems with self-control: ‘Exercising self-control is very important for a dissolute life’. Confused, at all? The papers have been eerily quiet about the recent incident where an actor, Mark Blanco, fell off Doherty's hotel balcony and died. For a second, Pete Doherty looked as though he was about to become this year’s Michael Barrymore. But if the worst comes to the worst – Courtney Love has said she'll be on the other end of the phone, ready to help…

Picture of Pete Doherty taken from's photostream on Flickr

Last Updated 15 December 2006