Thames Torso Laid To Rest

By Hazel Last edited 143 months ago
Thames Torso Laid To Rest

Since the discovery of his torso in the Thames in September 2001, the mystery child named "Adam" by the investigation team has baffled the police and has sparked a five-year probe into possible ritual killings in London and Nigeria. The horrific discovery of such a small child's torso, abandoned after such brutal mutilation is something that will stay with many Londoners. Adam was between four and six when he died, and forensic work has identified him as originating from Nigeria. Further investigation has uncovered links to human trafficking and ritual abuse, with several arrests made but no charges as yet.

After five years in Poplar mortuary, East London, Adam's true identity has yet to be uncovered by police, and it was decided that the time was right to lay him to rest. Adam's remains were laid to rest in an unmarked grave in a London cemetery, in a low-key, non-denominational ceremony on 5 December. While "laid to rest" is a rather sentimental way to say "buried" or "interred" it seems a fitting phrase for this little boy whose death must have been violent and brutal in itself. We can only imagine how his remains were abused - and then his torso, the only surviving piece of him, was kept as a vital piece of evidence in the investigation in London and Africa for a further five years. There is a certain sense of "laying to rest" in the quiet, peaceful ceremony for him in the unnamed London cemetery at the beginning of this month. Few people attended as no family members or friends have come forward to claim the little boy's body; the gathering around his unmarked grave were people involved in the inquiry.

Police are hopeful that Adam's family will come forward to claim his remains and organise a memorial service of their own, or that more information about him will be forthcoming. The investigation continues.

Last Updated 12 December 2006