£5 for a penny

By Talia Last edited 148 months ago
£5 for a penny

You know what really bugs us? It's the dilemma of when you're at a train station and need the toilet - do you pay 20p (which yes, isn't a lot, but feels it when all you want to do is pee) and go in the station or do you go on the train in what, depending on the train company, might be a really tiny box with a bit of a damp floor?

Now, what we're about to say may have nothing to do with trains, but it's about paying for toilets. Back in the 80s, we could all pay £1 to go and use those big futuristic toilets with a sliding door and an apparent self-cleaning system. They still exist but we've not actually seen anyone go into one for at least the last 6 years. But now for 2006, there's a new toilet system for those unafraid to pay a whole £5 for the pleasure to tinkle.

When the bustle of Oxford Street is getting too much WC1 (ha, we only just got the name) will be there for you from next week. It promises "a glamourous urban sanctuary" and allows you to empty your bladder in an "oversized, ample loo with plenty of room to change in". Also avaliable in this "million pound powder room" will be cleansing towels, massages, fresh flowers, music, toothbrush and paste, sanitary items, nappies, hosiery and even a sewing kit.

But is this really something people will use? A quick poll round the Londonist ladies suggests ney, as if you were directly opposite Selfridges, you would in fact, just nip in the shop and use one of their excessively large toilets instead. The owners are of course certainly hoping it will be a success though a plan to roll out these superloo's across the country and the site currently recruiting for a toilet assistant with a rather extravagant 23k salary.

Check out the BBC's video of the powder room on this page including the brilliant statement "It's for women who want to go to the loo and have a lovely experience."

Last Updated 14 December 2006